America reformed 


Is it possible that we are seeing the United States of America reformed right before our very eyes?

We are seeing players from both ends of the political and social landscapes that were not even know just a few years ago begin to play prominent roles. What will this all mean for future generations?

The battle that has unfolded is not from outside our borders but rather from within. All Americans will be involved in one way or the other.

what is this goal of this site ?

The goal of America reformed is to inform and encourage Americans and the rest of the world about the Seven Mountain Prophecy and this can only be accomplished when special agents 

(which I refer to as "Joseph's) who have been chosen by the "Redeemer" realize the divine calling that is on their lives and respond accordingly.

These agents of change must go through a process of yielding and "preparation" to infiltrate and assume their position on the cultural mountain they are part of as a result of their calling.

My heart is for these agents to have a place to come and be encouraged by others and to share their story. I have dedicated a section for each mountain of influence that will have articles which can be commented on as well as the opportunity for these agents to update the rest of us with what is happening on their particular mountain.

We are seeing players from both ends of the political and social landscapes that were not even know just a few years ago begin to play prominent roles. What will this all mean for future generations?

This reformation process has involved radical changes in America brought on by people from the left and the right who don't fit the traditional mold. From the right, it appears that a new boldness to take the politically incorrect high ground has brought an infusion of outsiders to traditional positions of influence. From the left there is no masking what they want, there is an "in your face" strategy that is being implemented.

If you operate in the prophetic or have been called to the office of the prophet then you know already that what we are seeing is America reformed by unconventional forces and therefore its important that:

In order for any of us to see America reformed the way we believe God wants it we must once again get re-acclimated to the fact that it has always been a nation that was divinely inspired, has a divine destiny, and is once again on it's way to experiencing a life changing reformation process.

I do understand that reclaiming cultural mountains is not a subject that is commonly discussed in most American social circles. However, this America reformed process is needed, won't be stopped and has been a long time coming.

Americans must be able to identify the process and understand who is behind it so they can take part in it.

With an unconventional 7 mountain strategy in hand that is being provided by one that I will simply refer to as the "Redeemer", we can participate in a complete reclamation, transformation and reformation of the American social landscape. This will usher in a period that will enable this nation to lead the world with integrity and courage once again.

reclaiming the 7 cultural mountains

Joseph standing before Pharoah

God's special agents (old testament type Joseph's) are needed to reclaim the 7 cultural mountains in order to displace the ruling spirits that are currently there and begin the transformation of society  and advancement of God's kingdom with the blessings of God.

God will be providing these special agents the solutions to the worlds problems. He is wanting us to join Him in this amazing work. God is raising a people with humility, a fiery passion, wisdom and trustworthiness to save society itself.

We are now in a season where we are seeing these "Joseph's" being positioned in what some may refer to as a supernatural manner as His kingdom authority is placed on their shoulders. A remnant have already been positioned on these mountains. Many more will be accelerated through unique, if not unorthodox, methods so the world may see them shine and America reformed.

AMerica Reformed on the seven mountains does not involve a coup

I want to make sure that I don't leave you with the wrong impression. I am not implying directly or indirectly that the government of the United States should be overthrown or done away with. On the the contrary.

Each of you can cause positive change on your mountain, the sphere of influence, you are currently occupying.

It is my belief that the social conditions we are seeing as of 2016 is the direct result of too many people of integrity, too many patriots, too many spirit-filled Christians who have been complacent because of the lie they have believed for too long. 

What lie is that?

That no matter what they do nothing will ever change. Through the information posted here I hope to enlighten all interested parties and help discern what is happening and what can be done in response to what is happening. The 2016 Presidential elections is just the tip of the iceberg, a forerunner, of what can happen when Christians take action.

Prepare to be challenged, equipped, and inspired by this revolutionary teaching series that will impart vision and supernatural strategies for engaging the darkness covering the earth with the light of the kingdom of heaven

With humor, powerful prophetic insight, and unique visual illustrations, Lance Wallnau delivers this groundbreaking revelation to a new generation of marketplace Christians who are preparing themselves for maximum impact in their specific sphere of influence. 

I will be the first to tell you that Donald Trump was not on my radar as a suitable candidate who could usher in a new age of reformation that would make America great again. I have come to learn that it isn't the vessel that matters but the one who wants to use the vessel. Trump, love him or hate him, is simply a tool that will be used by God to usher in a period of restoration in this nation and the rest of the world.

I hope to hear from many of you on this very important matter regarding our country. Please be sure to follow me on Twitter and Facebook, not to mention subscribing to the RSS feed as well as my newsletter from America Reformed. 

Thank you.

Luis A. Castillo

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